Stop systemic racism

Arizonans of color have more frequent contacts with police, are more persistent targets of traffic stops, are more likely to be charged with a crime, and are more likely to serve longer prison sentences than any other population when charged. To fix it, we must:

Be committed to the transparent collection of uniform data and measurable goals of reducing racial disparities. This office has historically been one of the least transparent government offices, it is difficult to track disparities, particularly in plea agreement offers.

Be committed to reforming drug prosecution. The war on drugs is a significant driver of the racial divide in policing and prosecution. We need to invest in evidence-based diversion programs, utilize deflection practices, and work to end mandatory minimums that disproportionately imprison communities of color.

Be committed to stopping the school-to-prison and foster care-to-prison pipeline. Ending zero tolerance, providing vocal support and opportunity for restorative justice in the system, and passing Raise the Age legislation are all data-driven efforts I support to make this a reality. 

To truly address systemic racism, we must start with the culture of the County Attorney’s Office. Creating a harassment-free workplace and providing equal pay are first steps in keeping and recruiting talented attorneys who value equal justice.
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