Implement real sentencing reform

My approach to sentencing reform is to bring dispositions in line with the goals of rehabilitation and national norms to empower prosecutors to carefully weigh options and do real justice. My office will work to bring Maricopa County’s incarceration rate in-line with the national average over the course of four years. This would represent a 26% reduction in our prison population and average yearly savings of $250 million once achieved. We can reduce our incarcerated population while keeping our communities safe by:

Focusing on reentry. Too often, those who have previously served time are sent back for technical violations of community supervision or probation. Engaging with employers and community supports to aid reentry, would reduce needless secondary prison admissions.

Reduce the average length of stay. I will be a voice for the elimination of the mandatory minimums that tie judges’ hands and prioritize incarceration over rehabilitation. I am also committed to ending charge stacking policies and Hannah priors that unjustly drive up the length of sentences.  

Diverting drug cases to treatment. We will create and expand diversion offerings so that drug crime — and drug motivated crime — are diverted from  the criminal justice system and into appropriate treatment.
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