Promote transparency

As the next County Attorney, I am committed to making our office transparent and accountable by implementing a uniform and publicly available data collection process. I plan to meaningfully engage with the community, particularly those who have been disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system. 

I believe in open-file discovery.

There are several jurisdictions already practicing open-file and it speeds the resolution of the case, prevents “trial by surprise,” and saves the state’s money in possible appeals. Under such a system, a prosecutor’s file is disclosed (with the exception of confidential victim information) early in the process. Those states who have fared best under this system have implemented additional policies to ensure that the prosecutor’s file is complete, including: explicitly requiring police officers to provide all investigative materials to prosecutors; requiring certain mandatory disclosures of particular items of central importance; and clearly defining the obligations of both parties in the discovery process. 

I believe that our office is missing the voices of our community.

I am committed to the creation of an advisory board that includes communities of color, the immigrant community, community-based organizations, and criminal justice reform advocates, in addition to prosecutors, defense attorneys, formerly incarcerated individuals, victims organizations, and law enforcement. Stakeholders deserve a seat at the table and I am committed to fostering connections among all groups impacted by the criminal justice system.
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