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Julie Gunnigle was born and raised in Maricopa County and currently lives a mile from the school that she attended growing up with her husband, John, and three kids. Julie is running for Maricopa County Attorney because she believes the people of Maricopa County deserve a criminal justice system that is tough, smart, and fair.

As a former professor, current solo practitioner, mother of three, and former prosecutor – Julie understands how complex our criminal justice system is and how important it is to have someone with a diverse set of experiences to tackle the problems within the County Attorney’s office and in Maricopa County. She has a bold reform agenda, a strong record to take on the unelected County Attorney and the prosecutorial experience to do the job. Julie will take on public corruption in the county, closing the loopholes and access to lobbyists to promote transparency and ethics. She will divert resources away from drug cases to focus on public corruption and violent crimes.

As County Attorney, Julie Gunnigle will be:

  • TOUGH on violent crimes that target women, children, and our seniors.
  • SMART with reforms to create real sentencing reform, end cash bail, and save taxpayers $250 million a year.
  • FAIR to our residents by creating effective diversion programs for young adults and children, veterans with mental health issues, and ending the prosecution of low-level marijuana offenses.

As a former prosecutor, nonprofit executive, and native Arizonan, she has devoted her career to prosecuting corrupt politicians and corporations who stole public funds and held them accountable under the law.

She’s running on a platform of sentencing reform, bond reform, ending cash bail, and eliminating private prisons. She will end the use of cash bail and if individuals are perceived to be a flight risk or a danger to the community, the office will proceed to a hearing, rather than asking for unattainable cash bail.

She fully supports Prop 207 to end the prosecution of low-level marijuana possession and shift the focus to treatment instead of locking people in cages and fueling a cycle of unjust policing among people of color.

She will stop wasting taxpayer resources on non-violent, low-level cases where individuals deserve alternatives to jail time so we can effectively reduce violent crime.

She will create a special prosecutorial team that will take on political corruption at its root by ending legislative self-dealing, shady backroom deals that hurt taxpayers, and the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists.

She is committed to ending racial bias in sentencing and plans to usher in a new era of good governance and transparency by utilizing data to make our community safer and end the longstanding racial disparities in our criminal justice system. She will rebuild the trust between community members and the police while ensuring police officers can effectively do their jobs. She will create an independent, community involved unit to prosecute all police misconduct cases on day one of assuming office.

She will protect reproductive rights and utilize her authority as the county’s top prosecutor to prevent the government from prosecuting women and their doctors for reproductive health care, including abortion.

Voters need to understand the stark contrast and reckless record of failure from the unelected current Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel. Adel is a radical threat to Maricopa County. Should her party succeed in taking over the Supreme Court and overturning Roe v. Wade, she has the power under Arizona law to start prosecuting abortions and the purchase of contraceptives. Extremist Adel threatens the reproductive freedoms of Maricopa County women.

Adel has failed to hold corrupt politicians accountable and she has wasted taxpayer funds following in the footsteps of Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio. After a year in office, Adel has been unable to reform a system that is in need of change. Put more simply: Adel’s record is that of failure.

Allister Adel Does Not Understand the Law

Voters need a County Attorney they can rely on for justice. Adel has shown she doesn’t understand basic legal proceedings and she has complaints pending against her conflicts of interest. Arizonans deserve better.

Adel Incorrectly Understands Basic Criminal Procedure
When asked about Brady list disclosures, “[…] the top official in America’s third-largest prosecutorial agency either doesn’t know the process of a long-standing constitutional requirement or confused two common legal terms.” [ABC15, 9/30/20]

Adel Currently Has a Pending Bar Complaint
The Maricopa County Treasurer filed a bar complaint against Adel on September 23, for her failure to respond to legal inquiries in a timely manner and her conflict of interest with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. [AZ Mirror, 10/01/20]

Allister Adel and Women’s Reproductive Rights

Allister Adel stated in writing that she would prosecute abortion as a felony if Roe v. Wade were to fall and would have the MCAO directly interfere in women’s reproductive rights.

Adel Said She Would Have an Ethical and Legal Obligation to Enforce Abortion Prohibition. In March 2020, Adel responded to a ACLU questionnaire. She was asked, “Will you commit to not prosecuting either a doctor performing or a patient seeking an abortion should either or both ever become illegal in Arizona? Please give a definitive “Yes” or “No” and a clear explanation.” Adel responded, “ As Maricopa County Attorney, I have an ethical and legal obligation to enforce the law, regardless of how I may feel personally about it.” [ACLU, 3/06/20]

Arizona Has Unenforced Laws Banning Abortion and Restricting Birth Control. “Arizona since at least the early 1960s has laws on its books banning abortion and restricting birth control. Those laws are not enforced, but they were never removed.” [The Arizona Republic, 7/04/20]

  • Arizona Doctors, Pharmacists, and Women Could Be Prosecuted Under Pre-Roe Abortion Law. “Under the unenforced Arizona laws, a person can face time in prison for giving a woman medicine or using an instrument to ‘procure the miscarriage.’ A woman can face up to five years in prison for soliciting medication or drugs, or undergoing an operation that will ‘procure a miscarriage.’” [The Arizona Republic, 5/15/19]

NARAL Rated Abortion Access as “Severely Restricted” in Arizona. [NARAL, accessed 9/09/20]

Arizona Has 11 Facilities That Provide Abortions. As of 2017, there were 11 facilities in Arizona that provided abortion services. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

80% of Counties in Arizona Have No Abortion Providers. As of 2017,80 percent of counties in Arizona had no clinics providing abortions. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

Seven Abortion Clinics Located in Maricopa County. [Google Maps, accessed 9/09/20]

18% of Women Live in a County With No Abortion Provider. As of 2017,18 percent of Arizona women without abortion access in their county. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

Counseling Services and 24 Hour Waiting Period Required Before Abortion – Requiring Two Trips to Clinic. A patient must receive state-directed counseling that includes information designed to discourage the patient from having an abortion, and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided. Counseling must be provided in person and must take place before the waiting period begins, thereby necessitating two trips to the facility. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

Ultrasound 24 Hours Ahead of Abortion Required. A patient must undergo an ultrasound at least 24 hours before obtaining an abortion; the provider must offer the patient the option to view the image. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

Arizona Requires Abortion Clincs to Meet “Unneessary and Burdensome Standards.” The state requires abortion clinics to meet unnecessary and burdensome standards related to their physical plant, equipment and staffing. [Guttmacher Institute, 3/01/20]

Allister Adel’s Legacy of Corruption

Allister Adel disbanded the public corruption unit on her first day as County Attorney. She also used $80,000 in taxpayer funds to shoot campaign ads under the thin guise of PSAs.

Adel Eliminated Special Crimes Bureau, Which Investigates Public Corruption

After Adel is Appointed, the Special Crimes Bureau, Which Investigated Public Corruption, Was Dismantled. As of December 2019, shortly after Adel took office, the Special Crimes Bureau was removed from the organizational chart. [Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Criminal Group, 12/18/19]

  • 2015 Report Shows Robust Special Crimes Bureau with Focus on Public Corruption. In 2015, the Maricopa County Attorney had a Special Crimes Bureau. “The seven attorneys in the Special Crimes Bureau have extensive experience to prosecute unique and often complex crimes including arson, home invasion, kidnapping, prostitution and gambling enterprises, animal cruelty, and public corruption. With the assistance of four paralegals and three support staff members, the bureau filed 357 cases in 2015, including cases filed by other bureaus and transferred to Special Crimes. Dispositions for the year included 246 plea agreements, thirteen guilty verdicts, one acquittal, and 30 dismissals.” [Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Annual Report 2015]
  • 2018 Report Shows That Special Crimes Bureau is Being Funded and Staffed. The most recently released Maricopa County’s Office annual report was released in 2018 and indicates that the Special Crimes Bureau was still being funded and staffed. [Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Annual Report 2018]

Adel Accused of Using Taxpayer Money to Fund Campaign Advertising

Adel Accused of Using Taxpayer Money to Promote Her Candidacy In Series of TV Ads. “The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is running a series of television ads featuring Allister Adel as she heads into her first election since her appointment as county attorney, and Democrats are accusing her of using the ads to promote her candidacy at the taxpayers’ expense.” [AZ Mirror, 6/09/20]

Adel Ads Air in Time Reserved for Public Service Announcements. “The ads air in time the Cox reserves for public service announcements and Cox produced the ads in-house, she said.” [AZ Mirror, 6/09/20]

Adel Ads Air 50 Times Per Month for Free. “The free airtime for the ads includes 50 airings per month, from June through December. Liewer said the generic ad and the vehicular heat stroke ad are in that slot now. In October, which is domestic violence awareness month, MCAO will begin airing an ad focused on domestic violence.” [AZ Mirror, 6/09/20]

Ads Have a Total Value of $195,000 But Only Cost MCAO $80,000. “According to an outline Adel’s office provided to the Arizona Mirror, the digital campaign cost the county attorney’s office $80,000, but with the free additions provided by Cox, has a total value of $195,000.” [AZ Mirror, 6/09/20]


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