Be tough on violent criminals who prey on women, children, and the elderly.

Be smart with reforms so we can create real sentencing reform, end cash bail, have bond reforms, and eliminate private prisons.

Be fair to our residents by creating effective diversion programs for young adults and children, veterans with mental health issues, and end prosecution of low-level marijuana offenses.

Julie is a firm believer that if the County Attorney office stops wasting resources on non-violent, low-level cases where individuals deserve alternatives to jail time we can effectively reduce violent crime in Maricopa County and hold public officials accountable for corruption.

Julie will create a special prosecutorial team that will take on political corruption as it relates to legislative deals, the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists backroom deals that hurt taxpayers and erode their faith in the political system.

Julie wants to see an office where prosecutors, staff, and interns are free from the current culture of sexual harassment and intimidation, where there is oversight into the current method of prosecution to work to eliminate prosecutorial bias.

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